Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Must Have’s

Life has been a little crazy lately. Work is busy. Home is busy. Thankfully – I have this week Monday’s must have’s that help me get through the week.

1. Front Zip Sports Bra

2. Turkey Pepperoni Sticks

3. Adobe In-Design

4. F.A.W. – “Friday After Work”

VS front zip sports bra

Wow. It is really weird to post a picture of a bra but seriously you guys – Victoria’s Secret Front Zip VSX Sports Bra is the best. No more doing weird yoga moves just to get into your sports bra. It’s easy. It is comfy and they have fun colors and designs. It’s about time.

turkey pepperoni sticks

Turkey Pepperoni Sticks are my favorite quick, healthy snack. They taste so amazing and are only 50 calories. Do I need to say anything else here?

So -  I don’t have a picture of In-Design because it’s a program. Yes – I could have went to the web and grabbed one but it’s just not necessary. I love Adobe In-Design for so many reasons. It is really expensive but so worth it. I’ve taught myself how to use the program and use it for every creative thing I do. From ITF’s quarterly magazine to teacher gifts. More on teacher gifts to come!

faw janelle kerri sheilafaw all the girls

F.A.W – Friday After Work. Is so amazing. Everyone should have F.A.W. Basically it’s four families that get together Fridays after work. We rotate houses so not one person always has to host. We have supper or just appetizers and enjoy a beverage or two. The adults get to visit and the kids get to play together. It’s an amazing way to end the work week and I’m so blessed to have these couples and their kids in my life.

Have a great week and plan a F.A.W. with your friends soon.


~ The Sheiliac


  1. I LOVE this idea!! Makes me miss FAC tho!! ;)

  2. It really is a blast. Although, you are right. Not the same as FAC. Awe - sweet memories of FAC ;) Maybe sometime we'll have to get sitters and hit Campus Town!